Vehicle Image

Vehicle Description

Report # SCR20032514446

Make Toyota

Model Camry

Year 2018

Exterior Color White

Interior Color Black

Type 4-Door

License State Colorado

License Plate # CMD723

VIN # 52781

Last Seen

Date 3/25/2020

Street 9600 E Girard Avenue

City, State Denver, Colorado

Zip Code 80231

NeighborhoodHampden Heights East

Owner’s Comment(s)

3/25/2020 9:44:46 PM

3/25/2020 9:56:48 PM
My boyfriend's Kia Sorento (pictured) was broken into, and the thief found the spare keys to my vehicle and drove away unnoticed between the hours of 9p on March 24, 2020 and 7:30a on March 25, 2020. Notable markings on the Camry include: - substantial peeling paint on the front fender - paint scraped off on the bottom right edge of the front fender - a three-inch scratch on the driver's side mirror - a one-inch scratch on the passenger's side bumper - a dent on the rear passenger door, beginning from the middle of the panel and extending over the wheel well