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Vehicle Description

Report # SCR21061315439

Make Mercedes-Benz

Model C-Class

Year 2013

Exterior Color Black

Interior Color Black

Type 4-Door

License State California

License Plate # 7UKK679

VIN # 46280

Last Seen

Date 6/11/2021

Street 3385 E Foothill Blvd

City, State Pasadena, California

Zip Code 91107


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Owner’s Comment(s)

6/13/2021 9:10:44 AM
Stolen from mattress firm in pasadena CA. Driven to Marshalls down the street on Foothill Blvd and attempted to use 7 of my credit cards. Inside car was social security number, birth certificate, house key, wallet with license inside, Gucci and LV wallet. Outside car license plate cover says Shrewsbury Route 9. On the front windshield bottom right corner there is a yellow expired Massachusetts registration sticker and on the left side is a sticker that says HP with a red and blue flag. There was a Greek eye keychain and a black air freshener with a cross on it hanging from the rear view mirror. There is a large scratch on the drivers side door extending to the drivers side back door. Probably the only car in California with the Shrewsbury Route 9 license plate cover which is only on the back not the front.